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Welcome to Stryke Recovery – where tradition meets innovation in the world of wellness and athletic recovery.

Our story begins in the 1950s when Liisa’s grandfather, an engineer from
Finland, moved to America after World War II. With a passion for wellness and a commitment to quality, he established SK Sauna Company, bringing the rich Finnish tradition of sauna to American homes. While SK Sauna Company is no longer around, the legacy lives on through us. At Stryke Recovery, we’ve embraced our heritage, dedicated to producing the best saunas so that every household can experience the profound benefits of a true Finnish sauna.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our saunas. For over 20 years, we have been deeply involved in the athletic community. Scott has had the honor of coaching Sprint Kayak athletes at all levels, some of whom have gone on to represent Australia at the Olympics, Paralympics, and Junior World Championships. Meanwhile, Liisa has coached US Olympic hopefuls in downhill skiing. These experiences have given us a profound understanding of the critical role that recovery plays in achieving peak performance.

Driven by this insight, we continually innovate and expand our offerings to include a comprehensive range of recovery products designed to support everyday wellness and enhance athletic performance. Our product lineup includes:

Ice Baths: Perfect for reducing inflammation and accelerating muscle recovery.

Percussion Therapy: State-of-the-art massage guns to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.

Compression Therapy: Advanced compression boots to aid in muscle recovery and reduce soreness.

Red Light Therapy: Cutting-edge technology to promote healing and reduce pain.

At Stryke Recovery, we believe that everyone deserves the best in wellness and recovery. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that we bring you products that truly make a difference. Join us on our mission to enhance your recovery journey and achieve optimal health and performance.

Thank you for choosing Stryke Recovery – your partner in wellness and recovery.
Scott & Liisa

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