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Percussion massager

Thankyou Scott for the prompt delivery of the stryke recovery massager, Ordered 2pm Friday arvo, received my order to Brisbane on Monday 9.30am I had searched for weeks looking for a percussion massager that would do the job, one that wasn't noisy, to be affordable and delivered by the 13th Sept. Alot of the ones i found on the internet overseas were expensive, very noisy and couldn't be delivered via Amazon to australia I really wanted to purchase one from australia. I found all of the above on your website. My son is a PT and works out everyday, suffers from knots and muscle strain, so i purchased this for his birthday. I recently asked my son his thoughts on the massager, he told me it was awesome, definetely does what he expected and now he has a few mates interested in purchasing one. Thanks again

Amazing product and I love the company

It was very much by chance me coming across these guys. I have wanted a massage gun for a while and I saw a friends feed on Facebook on which was the best massage gun to get and I saw this mentioned. Since the others in the market are 2 or 3 times as much I was originally skeptical but took my friends word for it. Firstly before I even got the product it was nice to see a thank you email with some tips on various hacks for using the product. And I am still getting really informative emails about the product not just spam, I love that. The product itself, 6 out of 5 stars I love this thing. It's not loud, I watched transformers the other day while using it. It charges quick and its most certainly helped with my recovery and mobility. I honestly wish I got one sooner. One of the best investiments I have made

Ultimate Trigger

Let me just start this off with it's not a $700 Hypervolt. In saying that for a third of the price of one I cannot fault this machine. This has sped up my trigger routine before I lift and made it better as it can get deeper then the trigger ball I use. It's also extremely useful after while sitting Infront of the TV so release those tired muscle's. The stealth is very quiet while it's running. While this will never replace traditional massage and dry needling it will cut down the need to do it as often. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to some of those expensive machines.

Best investment I’ve made

My stryke recovery stealth model is one of the best investments I have made. For my business as a personal trainer but also for me as a mixed martial arts athlete. I don't get nearly as sore as I used to and all my clients love it. I had multiple friends and clients buy there own after using mine! You will not regret this purchase especially considering the price compared to other models.

Great machine

I am very happy with this product ,it was delivered very quickly once order was placed ,comes in a great carry bag and has 4 great attachments . This machime is really quiet compared to the rest and has 6 settings ,really happy ,i will be recommeding this to all my friends


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