Here’s some basic best practices to get the most out of your Stryke Recovery Massager, whether you’re treating yourself or others.

1. Always turn on the Stryke Recovery Massager before placing it on the body.

2. If you have a PRO, you can press the speed button to toggle between our signature six speed treatment levels.

3. For muscle activation, recovery, and tension relief, simply “float” the Stryke Recovery Massager on muscles that need the most attention - it was designed to do all the work for you. Slowly glide the Stryke Recovery Massager up and down the muscle, gradually applying light to moderate pressure as needed.

4. Breathe and relax and remember to stretch. It feels amazing!

Depending on the desired result, we recommend using your Stryke Recovery Massager for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day.


Prior to workouts or physical activity, float your Stryke Recovery Massager for up to 30 seconds to instantly activate and “wake up” your muscles.


Reactivate muscles during your workout or any activity by using your Stryke Recovery Massager for 10-15 seconds on the muscle group. This will re-energize, relieve muscle spasms and fatigue, and keep muscles active.


Float your Stryke Recovery Massager for up to 2 minutes for muscle recovery post-workout to decrease soreness, and on any muscles that require immediate pain relief.

When traveling with your Stryke Recovery Massager, Lithium-ion batteries must be stored in carry-on baggage only.


Our Products


You can test out a Stryke Recovery Massager at any one of our stockists worldwide. Simply email to find a retailer near you. We promise you’ll feel the difference!

We also ship free and have a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t absolutely love your Stryke Recovery Massager, you can send it back and get a full refund. No questions asked

The Stryke Recovery Massager is a handheld percussive therapy massage device. Building on over a decade of research, development, and innovation, every Stryke Recovery Massager delivers our signature Stryke Recovery Massager Percussive Therapy treatment with clinically effective results: pain relief, performance enhancement, improved range of motion, faster recovery.

Our Stryke Recovery Massager handle design provides the best ergonomics in the market, ensuring unmatched comfort and ease of use, especially when treating hard-to-reach areas.

Check out our Compare Page to see each of our device’s specifications and features side-by-side. All devices come with a travel case included.

Explore the Our Tech page to see how our innovative technology sets our percussive therapy treatment apart from the rest.

Whether you’re an athlete, a physical therapist, or a person who needs relief from tension and pain, Stryke Recovery Massager provides a breakthrough, natural approach to improving your physical health. Percussive massage can help you perform better, recover faster, and relieve tension and pain for whole-body relief.

Stryke Recovery Massager helps with the following:

Accelerates recovery & muscle repair

Increases blood and lymphatic flow

Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness

Breaks up scar tissue

Improves lactic acid clearance

Activates the nervous system and muscles

Muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness, and knots

Natural stress relief

Myofascial release (7x more effective than a foam roller)

Tension is the root cause of most body aches and pains. The breakthrough treatment of Stryke Recovery Massager Percussive Therapy relieves the tension in our soft tissue effectively and efficiently.

The percussive massage overrides the pain signals to the brain, increases heat in the tissue, and releases tension. It does this through a combination of amplitude depth and percussion frequency.

Stryke Recovery Massager uses these two principles of depth and speed to speak to your body in a language it can understand, and provide a deeper and more effective experience than any other consumer device.

Stryke Recovery Massager massage gun devices are engineered and designed to be professional-grade yet effective for daily consumer use.


Before using or charging the Stryke Recovery Massager or Lithium-ion batteries, read all instructions and cautionary markings in this manual, on the charger, on the battery, and on the Stryke Recovery Massager. New batteries must be charged before first use.

The Stryke Recovery Massager is intended for commercial or home use.

Do not place your finger or any objects near the metal piston above the attachment while the Stryke Recovery Massager is in use or immediately after use. The metal piston can become extremely hot.

Do not use any Attachments or batteries other than the ones provided by Stryke Recovery Massager and only as instructed by Stryke Recovery Massager.

Do not use the Stryke Recovery Massager above your Adam’s Apple or C4, on your head or near your genitals.

Do not get hair caught in the attachment arm or in any other moving part on the Stryke Recovery Massager.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any diseases.

Do not use on open wounds or surgical incisions prior to stitches.

Do not get the Stryke Recovery Massager wet other than by cleaning it with a magic eraser or a lightly damp towel.

Do not block the vents of the motor.

Do not reverse the polarity of the battery by inserting it upside down - only insert with the flat side facing the sliding button.

To extend the life of the battery, remove the battery from the charger once the light stops flashing.

If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before use.

This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Battery safety tips:

Never attempt to disassemble the battery.

Never store a battery in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 104°F. (40°C).

Only charge the battery when the ambient temperature is between 32°F (0°C) and 104°F (40°C).

Never expose the battery or charger to water.

For long-term storage, the battery should be fully charged.


We strive to make the Stryke Recovery Massager as safe as possible. This is an advanced mechanical tool with electric components. If the Stryke Recovery Massager and its accessories are not used or maintained properly, there is a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury. When using the Stryke Recovery Massager, these basic precautions should always be followed including:

USE ONLY AS INSTRUCTED. Use the PRO as described in this Instruction Manual. Use only Stryke Recovery Massager recommended accessories and replacement parts. Do not carry out any maintenance other than as advised by Stryke Recovery Massager.

NOT FOR CHILDREN. The PRO and charger are not intended for use by young children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or reasoning capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction by a responsible person. Do not allow the PRO to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the PRO or charger.


REDUCING RISK OF INJURY. Charge the PRO only in Stryke Recovery Massager PRO charger. Other chargers may cause personal injury or damage. Do not connect the PRO to a power supply plug or car cigarette lighter. The internal battery will be permanently disabled or damaged.

USE THE PRO ONLY WITH Stryke Recovery Massager PRO BATTERIES. Use of other batteries may result in a risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury.

CHARGING LOCATIONS. The Stryke Recovery Massager should be charged indoors in a well ventilated, dry location. Do not charge the Stryke Recovery Massager outdoors, in a bathroom or within 10 feet (3.1 meters) of a bathtub, or pool. Do not use the Stryke Recovery Massager or charger on wet surfaces and do not expose the charger to moisture, rain, or snow. Do not use the Stryke Recovery Massager or charger in the presence of explosive atmospheres (gaseous fumes, dust, or flammable materials). Sparks may be generated, possibly causing a fire.

UNPLUGGING THE CHARGER. Pull the plug, not the cord, to reduce the risk of damage to the electrical plug and cord. Never carry charger by its cord. Keep the cord from heat, oil, and sharp edges. Do not use or charge with a damaged cord. Do not stretch the charger cord or place the cord under strain. Keep cord away from heated surfaces. Do not handle the charger, including the charger terminals or Stryke Recovery Massager with wet hands.

CHARGER CARE. Unplug the charger when not in use. Unplug the charger from the outlet when not in use for extended periods. Make sure the charger cord is located so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise subjected to damage or stress. Have a damaged charger replaced immediately.

DO NOT OVERCHARGE. Do not leave the battery in the charger for more than an hour after the battery has been fully charged. The battery includes a protection system to avoid the risk of overcharging. However, overcharging may reduce its life over time.

DO NOT BLOCK MOTOR VENTS. Do not put any obstructions into vents. Do not use if any vent is blocked. Keep free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow. Keep hair, loose clothing, and fingers from vents and moving parts.

DO NOT BURN OR INCINERATE THE Stryke Recovery Massager OR ITS BATTERY. The battery may explode, causing personal injury or damage. Toxic fumes and materials are created when the battery is burned.

DO NOT CRUSH, DROP, OR DAMAGE THE PRO CHARGER. Do not use a charger that has received a sharp blow, been dropped, run over, or damaged in any way.

BATTERY CHEMICALS CAUSE SERIOUS BURNS. Never allow the internal battery to come into contact with the skin, eyes, or mouth. If a damaged battery leaks chemicals, use rubber or neoprene gloves to dispose of it. If skin is exposed to battery fluids, wash with soap and water and rinse with vinegar. If eyes are exposed to battery chemicals, immediately flush with water for 20 minutes and seek medical attention. Remove and dispose of contaminated clothing.

DO NOT SHORT CIRCUIT. A battery will short circuit if a metal object makes a connection between the positive and negative contacts on the battery or the 12V connector. A short-circuited battery may cause fire and personal injury.

DO NOT OPERATE UNDER BLANKET AND PILLOW. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock, or injury.

STORING THE PRO AND CHARGER. Store in a cool, dry place. Only charge the PRO when the ambient temperature is between 0°C/32°F and 40°C/104°F. Do not store the PRO where temperatures may exceed 40°C/104°F such as in direct sunlight, in a vehicle, or metal building during the summer.

DISPOSING OF BATTERIES. The Stryke Recovery Massager Lithium-ion batteries for the PRO are more environmentally friendly than some other types of batteries. Always dispose of the PRO according to federal, state, and local regulations. Contact a recycling agency in your area for recycling locations. Even discharged batteries contain some energy. Before disposing of, use electrical tape to cover the PRO’s 12V connector to prevent the battery from shorting, which could cause a fire or explosion.

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE. Disassembly or incorrect reassembly may result in the risk of electric shock, fire, or exposure to battery chemicals. The warranty will be void if the PRO, or charger are disassembled or if any parts have been removed.

SERVICE. If the PRO battery or charger is not working properly, has received a sharp blow, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, do not use and contact Stryke Recovery Massager by emailing for repair or service. Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the Stryke Recovery Massager PRO which may result in an electric shock or fire.

DO NOT USE WHILE BATHING OR IN TUB OR SINK. Do not place the Stryke Recovery Massager or charger where it can fall into a tub or sink. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid. Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately.