The best massage gun for experts and novices

Massage guns are handheld devices that use rapid pulses to provide massage-like therapy to specific points of your body. These products use vibrations (sometimes called percussion) to massage muscle fibres like a therapist does with their hands. The best massage guns can help loosen up tightened muscles, reduce soreness, improve blood flow, and provide pain relief.

Massage guns typically come with a selection of interchangeable attachments, such as balls of varying firmness and finger-like tips.
Massage guns are popular with athletes and people who exercise regularly, but anyone can benefit from the convenience of having a deep tissue massage without having to travel to see a therapist.


Massage guns have increased in popularity because of their convenience and ease of use.

However, the benefits go beyond this one factor.

  • Injury prevention – Percussive massage helps improve muscle contraction, which strengthens muscles and reduces the chance of injury from strain.
  • Promote Faster Recovery – Percussive massage also helps relax the muscles and relieve tension in the body, which can help shorten the muscle recovery time between workouts and in the case of injuries.
  • Improved Blood Circulation – A deep tissue percussive massage can also help to release fluids and decrease tension within the body, which improves blood flow.
  • Rehabilitation – Massage guns can supplement standard injury rehabilitation and encourage healing and recovery.
  • Break Up Scar Tissue – Pain and stiffness after an injury can sometimes come from scar tissue. Massage guns provide deep tissue percussion, which will help break down scar tissues. This lowers the pain level and can also help improve your range of motion with repeated use.
  • Wellness Benefits – Massage guns also indirectly provide wellness benefits. People often enjoy enhanced relaxation after using these products. They may notice improved sleep, lower levels of anxiety, and other quality of life benefits.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Massage guns have a one-time purchase price. Over the long term, their cost is much less than repeated trips to a massage therapist. And, you do not have to wait for a pre scheduled appointment to enjoy the benefits of a massage

This being said, like most things not all massage guns are created equal. You should look for products with the right set of qualities.


When buying a massage gun, you should consider both quality and features.
There are two words related to how powerful a massage gun is: amplitude and RPM.

Amplitude refers to how far the head travels when it moves back and forth. It is generally a good idea to look for a massage gun with a higher amplitude because the more a head travels, the deeper the vibrations can penetrate into your muscles.

RPM refers to revolutions per minute and measures the speed of the vibrations. Just like with amplitude massage guns with higher RPM figures can provide more powerful (and deeper) massages.

The secondary features to look for include the noise or sound level of the massage gun, the battery life or power source, its weight, the ergonomics, and the warranty.

You can also consider the variety of attachment heads. In addition to the standard attachments, such as the ball and bullet heads, massage gun packages can come with cones, wedges, and various points that mimic finger, thumb, and knuckle pressure.


Stryke Recovery offers a massage gun that earns high marks in terms of power (amplitude and RPMs). Not only is this one of the strongest massagers on the market, but it is also impressively quiet and comes with a variety of available attachments.

Because of its power, it can provide all the benefits mentioned above for athletes, post-workout recovery, rehabilitation, or relaxation and stress relief. This makes it extremely effective for both massage therapists or personal at home use. With the power and accessories to cater to any usage need, it’s not only effective, but earns itself the title of best massage gun.

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